All formal criminal and civil local court proceedings in New South Wales courts are sound recorded.

Official court transcripts, which are written records of the court proceedings prepared in accordance with legislation, are made from these recordings.

When are local court transcripts made?

Transcripts of local court proceedings are not prepared in all matters.

If a person needs a typed copy of what was said during a local court case, a request can be made for the sound recording to be typed into a transcript for a set fee.

Alternatively a copy of the sound recording of what was said during a local court case can be requested for a set fee. This is often called a duplicate sound recording. 

Who can request a transcript?

The parties to the proceedings or their legal representatives are entitled to obtain a copy of a transcript or copy of the sound recording for a set fee. 

The court or registrar may also permit parties who are not involved in the proceedings to obtain a copy of a transcript or copy of the sound recording for a set fee. The person requesting the transcript must provide the reason for requesting the transcript and the intended purpose in writing.

How much do transcripts cost?

The fee for a transcript can be found on the local court fees page.

A person requesting a transcript or copy of the sound recording can seek to have the fee waived or postponed. 

Information and the application form to seek for a fee to be waived or postponed is available on the local court fees page

How do you order a transcript?

A written request must be made to order a transcript or copy of a sound recording. The requests are made to the particular local court in which the case was heard.

To order a transcript or a copy of a sound recording:

  • Complete the application form for a transcript or sound recording that is available on the local court forms page 
  • Pay the set fee or seek the fee to be waived or postponed
  • Email, post or hand the completed form with the fees to the relevant local court. A list of local court locations and contact information is available here

In most cases a copy of the sound recording will be provided approximately two (2) weeks after the date ordered. 

In most cases a transcript will be provided approximately four (4) weeks after the date ordered. If the transcript is required urgently, you should specify the date required on the order form. Every effort will be made to provide the transcript sooner, however, no guarantee is offered.

Can you make additional copies of transcripts or sound recordings?


No. Copyright of the transcripts or sound recording is owned by the state. Transcripts or sound recordings cannot be photocopied or used in any other way without permission from the Reporting Services Branch or the crown.

New recording technology

We’re implementing new video recording technology for the creation of transcripts in select local courts. See: On Demand Monitoring

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